Magnets in a case

I just finished buiding the wooden op1 case that someone posted

Im wondering if the magnets might damage the op1??

according to me is possible that it happen but I’m not a tech.

Damn its such a good case, im gonna see if i can find a way to close it with velcro or something, thanks.

cheap ceramic magnets should be fine. magnets can damage electronics. I would say avoid overly powerful magnets! just use common sense. this is from a DIY persons perspective. non scientific.

I doubt it. There’s no hard drive, so what’s the danger?

It was inside for a full day and so far no problems, I took it out for now, Im gonna send an email to TE.

It will be totally fine. You’re worrying too much.


Electronics are not as sensitive to magnets as they used to be. Keep them away from your cassette tapes, VHS tapes, floppy diskettes, CRT monitors, and pacemakers though :slight_smile:

Yeah maybe I’m too paranoid, but this is my second Op-1, the first one got stolen. So I’m trying to be extra careful with this one

Teenage Engineering replied:

Hello Andres,

Thank you for your email. Great case! Those magnets should not affect the unit. Thanks!

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