Managing input levels when recording new parts


Let say you are happy with a 4 bars loop on the 4 tracks but then want move on to create some variation on the next 4 bars.

How do you guys handle the recording level to have the same previous loudness for each instruments?

I think the easier would be not to touch the input level at all and play with track levels, but it becomes hard to manage when you start layering different instruments on th same track…

That is always a problem, better you already recorded some variations before or just try a new recording and then compare it with the previous and maybe adjust them a little bit. Mines are always out of level, lol !

If that little red meter had a number with it, it would be easy to note down the level for next time.

8 steps from top is starting position.32 total.

Thanks for that !

8 steps from top is starting position.32 total.