Master FXCrash OS 1.41

Hi, my master FX won’t work now.It crashes everytime I press 3 in mixer.
I’m not on the latest OS (1.41) but didn’t want to system reset or system update because I was worrying of bricking the machine.Probably panicking needlessly.
Has anyone experience of this?

I have. I think it has to do with switching effects and the one you’re switching to has a parameter that’s out of range based on the one you switched from or something like that. Try to press 3 twice as quickly as possible to turn the effect off before it crashes.

maybe a factory reset might clear up some issues?

Thanks guys.
What OS are you using @sammyjams ?

I had it too on the latest OS. It happen when pressing 3 in mixer while the tape is playing. I didn’t find any solution yet, except not turning it on or off while my tape is playing…

happened to me too. factory reset fixed it .

Excellent,will try factory reset.
Mine is on permanent crash immediately pressing 3,even when stopped.