Master settings reverting

Hi there,

I’ll admit that my OP-1 usage is intermittent, so it’s possible that I’ve forgotten something obvious but here goes anyway…

The problem I’m having came after various crashes and other issues, followed by an inevitable factory reset.

Having put all my patches back on, I set about making a track, and in the process I set the track levels in the master section. Later, when I decided to tweak the track levels, I discovered that switching to tape view simply reverted the gain settings back to their previous values. The same problem persists with master effects settings.

Am I missing something obvious, or is this yet another new bug?

Either way, at this rate I may have to revert to the old firmware because the constant crashing as well as a few other things have rendered the OP-1 totally nonviable for live use - and only barely viable for fun or studio work. Frankly it’s starting to make the Blofeld firmware look robust.

Help me OP-1, you’re my only hope!

Sorry for the double post, but I just noticed that the master settings (EQ, volume, pan and fx) are also reverted simply by pressing the mixer button or the speech bubble button. This can’t be right and is driving me nuts - pwease hewp mwe!

Did you make sure you are on the absolute latest OS? They released one that was crashing and doing weird master effect things, then quickly released a patch for it.

Oh heck - that sounds like it could be the answer to my prayers! I updated to the new OS (the one with the sketch and D-Synth) and I’ve had nothing but woes since then - but I haven’t updated it subsequently. Serves me right really, I’d be better informed if I’d joined the community sooner.

Thanks ever so much Lym, hopefully this will solve my problems :slight_smile:

Hopefully it works. Yeah, it was a patch right after the sketch one. Some people were having issues updating that were discussed on the now-lost ohpeewon forum. I think to avoid trouble I did a factory reset, added the new OS, then did another factory reset. I’ve had no issues.

Got it updated and reset yesterday and I’ve been having a blast since then. No more crashes or master section weirdness - just rock solid performance.

Thanks again for the heads up Lym!