Master track problems

I’m trying to record transpose on the master track. I’ve done it many times before but its not recording, I’ve tryed a few ways recording live and inputting trigs by hand. When I come to play back the notes are not transposing - the needle on the dial is not moving round as you would exect. I have right channels selected with shift etc and the style is set to latch.

Could this be a bug?

Is the master track muted on the pattern?

I’m still having problems this time with a different track - I can’t see a way the master track could be muted, am I missing something?

In this picture I’m holding the mute button and you should see that the Bass, Lead, Chord and Master tracks are muted. This only affects the sequencer, you should still be able to transpose on the master track live. This is really useful as you can mute the master track so that you don’t transpose for a section. That’s the only thing I can think of that could be doing it.

Thank you - this makes sense, I usually use the screen, and mute from there.