mastering site...

They must have some script running that slaps on a brickwall limiter and shuttles the crushed file back to you o.O

I think I saw this on IDMf recently, or something like it.

Going to have to try this out for curiosities sake. I do mastering professionally! If anyone is interested, I do homie prices for forum friends(that means you) or labels I like. Not to hi-jack the thread, just to hi-jack the thread tho!


Just having fun :smiley:

I think it was this site that I tried when it first launched to test it and uploaded an old unmastered song. It actually handled mastering it relatively well.

Nothing that you would release commercially but if you wanted to give a song/sketch you were working on a bit of sparkle to DJ live then it’s ok.

Tested their vs nothing…

It is not a great example. and the break beat gets totally muddled… Not too pleased

I’ve never had anything mastered before, but I am very interested if the budget allows. How do the rates work, roughly?

Man that sounds horrible (what it did to the track).

yeah I agree

To be fair to LANDR, the song you uploaded is a bit of an extreme trial, it’s a pretty heavy track so for an automated mastering solution to tackle this and do something great with it would be a tough job - even an actual person trying to master this from a single source file would be a very tough job.

I let them master three of my songs, in my opinion it sounds just like a limiter, very similar to the one on my mini KaossPad.

there is an interesting algorhithmic process taking place, but it’s the same algorithm for each track. it can’t tell the difference between folk and death metal.

it is a fascinating idea and apparently it has the capacity to learn improve (we’ll see…) but it can never replace a human with ears.

@spacetravelmadeeasy always going for the the break feature!!!

so I have a hard time in the OP-1 because the sound I hear is not always what I get… The most recent battle, 24, I sent the final freestyle mix through lander and It sound better. compare:

Wow it’s like night and day. I can hear the lows with depth and clarity. Loved all the radio ad samples, quite haunting but so familiar and present in our daily lives.

Not really a fair comparison right there, as the landr version primarily is just louder. and louder sounds better.

Here’s the two in Audacity

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.58.20 AM

The main thing causing "the sound I hear is not what I get" is just loudness, the volume's turned up more on your OP than on your computer.

Of course, landr does some other things, limiting/compression and EQ and stereo widening and stuff, but you gotta get things at least the same volume if you're going to do a comparison.
Here's another pic from audacity, the top is the Landr version, the bottom is the original, just amplified.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.58.31 AM

I didn't have a chance to have a good listen to those, because I accidentally quit audacity somehow, and don't feel like re-recording them (I used soundflower). but you should give it a try.
I've never had anything mastered before, but I am very interested if the budget allows. How do the rates work, roughly?

It depends, you can pay anything from $5 a song to $675 an hour. Best bet is to shop around, look for reviews, and check their previous client list. Happy to answer any questions about mastering if you have any. Nothing wrong with just doing it yourself too, it doesn’t have to be complicated:

Mastering Your Own Tracks (PDF)

LANDR is… interesting. Personally I don’t see any advantage to just calling up a preset in the plug ins you already own.

ohh my i love this forum!