Merge all PO's

This might have been brought up before but wouldn’t it be cool if TE put all the PO’s together and housed them in one OP-1 type casing. That way they are all sync’d together and share one long lasting OP-1 battery. Maybe have a bypass switch between each one so you can take one out, put them back in the mix…or a mixer for all 6.

This may be what you’re looking for :

EDIT : oops, I think I read a bit too quickly.
DIY ! Creating one’s own box with wood is easy to do and rewarding :slight_smile:

TE had a competition when they released the first set of PO’s and invited people to design cases.

Some people did a case for all three - there were some real special submissions.

Oh hell yea! That one is sweet. Why the heck didn’t TE jump on it?

@Underglass because there will be 9 POs !!

And a mangler ! (at least this is the rumor, but I believe it was initiated by a guy from TE)
So maybe a case for 10 :slight_smile:
Who knows…

Wow that’s nice!
I hope they eventually try something like this

I talked to them at NAMM this year and they said there will be the PO 30’s next year and then a master PO that will be able to connect all 9 of them together… So yes… Assuming the guy from TE has it right… It’s on its way. :slight_smile:

I think a case for 10 devices won’t happen, and I think it shouldn’t happen as most folk won’t have any use for that number of POs.

In my opinion the best solution would be the option to purchase multiple individual plastic “troughs” in bold PO colours which each house one PO but can be interconnected like a jigsaw/Lego/Scalextric. Intterconnection would also provide the audio jack and join up a “bus” connected to the PO interface points for power and so on. A special power “trough” would also be slotted into the chain.


That would be an awesome set up with a lot more flexibility CB. One thing that I hadn’t thought about when it comes to the economics of the PO’s as compared to the OP1… The OP-1, with no other accessories runs around $850… Assuming they do come out with 9 PO’s… And assuming everyone gets all 9 PO’s and their $39 cases… You’re looking at $100 a pop X 9… It’s an OP-1 variation broken up into 9 payment installments… Hehehe…