midi & beyond.......3rd party manual , midi lfo destinations , using with mid sequencers & more

Hi there , Recent per chaser of the OP1 and trying to decode it’s midi mind abilities . Spent a while wrestling with it & figuring some if the stuff the manual really should include and thort maybe I could get some joy from fellow users here . I’ve tried teenage engineering with questions but no replies worth having so far … 1) I’m using the ‘midi lfo’ . It let’s me route 4 midi lfo’s to the modulation destinations . Most of these modulation possibilities are semi decode-able from the color coded dots & their ‘shift’ parameter buddies . However - one of the destinations - the 'spkr & ‘music note’ - which is the overall ‘operator’ pitch and ‘volume’ modulations in it’s ‘tremelo’ LFO counterpart , but has 4 differant modulation destinations in the ‘midi lfo’ version… Would LOVE to know what they are …my guess is pitch , volume , both , but the last ? Something to do with modulation envelope ???

2 ) I want to interface midi to the OP1 from nonDAW midi sources . Does anyone know if the midi man midisport 4x4 USB hub will work as an interface ? I understand Kenton make a unit , but it’s pricey for a work around .

3) does anyone have the 3rd party manual ? I found a couple of pages on amazon & it looks Like it has more info . ( by chance I met a guy who worked in the Ableton interfacing for T.E. & he was as in the dark as I am on all these points…)

4) does anyone know what the parameters are on the DNA synth ? There are 4 of them . It’s not in what I believe is their latest manual .

5) anyone had joy getting missing info out if T.E. ? I don’t want to join ANY social media sights if possible … It’s a funny beast . A lot of uber sweet details & quick draw functions , then obvious other details so blatantly missed . It leaves one with the impression it’s very much aimed at a certain type of person and a certain mentality that I am not relating too …?? Thank you in advance for any helps & hope it’s goodtimes where yr at

midi man midisport 4x4 USB

I don't think the Midisport can play USB host, so even if you're able to connect it direct to the OP1 (certainly does not play USB host), it probably won't work.

thank you .

do u know whats the defining capability something need to pass midi into this thing ?

so the kenton is the only non DAW way ? ? thats an expensive add on for a simple job …uber weak imsho…

thank you again ./ good info . I appreciate it .

I use an iConnectmidi4+ .expesive but powerful.acts as a midi merge for old school midi,hosts upto 8 USB via a hub,then can combine 3 iOS or computers w/ audio pass through.
The OP-1 is deffo aimed at a different mind set.Forget all those lists of specifications -it’s colour and image all the way.(Does it sound good)?
The DNA has noise on the orange encoder and supposedly is based on the “CPU I.D.”,so that each machine sounds slightly different to the next.Thats why its called DNA.its not in the manual.
With your speaker/pitch destination -try using an element LFO with audio input source /radio with some speach.This may give more clues to how the mod is working.

thanks for yr help !<div>

glad someone else is publicly saying it like it is …
such a shame…so near…yet so far…
casio shuda made this for 100 bux ( you’d get a built on case , ofcourse ! , too , who’d think it smart to do it any other way …?..)

i’m trying to avoid ‘expensive but powerful’ just to work around a fault in the design ( this puts midi back 3 steps w no advance at all !!)
do you know why it needs usb power simultaneous to midi ?? that confuses my analog brain .

I’ve done the analogy stuff between the element lfo .
that has 3 parameters …so…still one short - from my best guess …
but its ALL guesses …
i’m not asking stuff i havent thought long & hard about ofcourse .

noise on the orange encoder ?
modulation by noise ? adding it before a filter ???
i appreciate the pointer , but i’d like to know to be able to use as a pro instrument . not the toy it leans over hard to be .

youre saying that the DNA is a differant synth in every OP 1 ??
really… ???
it means some must be worse by definition …???
oh wait - i do believe it…
…but the parameters must still relate to the same things …??
thank you for yr help - i posted this on all 3 forums & yr the best answers by a long chalk !
have a great week end pk-

Here are parameters from original post from TE:


“Filter, Wave number, Wave modifier and Noise can be directly controlled via the knobs.”

killer .

thank you thank you . one down , 3 to go…
- shame this info is spread far & wide …a digi manual is easily updated .
I do appreciate at least some info - if not really very specific …
i’d rather the manual was in swedish , but accurate & thorough , than this mess of missing info & hidden pitfalls ( the midi ) .

i guess one of my bugbears is its still not enough info - ( is it filter type or filter cut off freq ?? , wave modifier is a big word - what are they ? i’m only saying this in context of their ‘next level’ advertising .
do they know , even ? ,
why the secrets ?
this really should all be in the manual . i dont see any excuse …
thank you again for yr info - i’m just annoyed at the poor info from TE …
…and the even poorer customer support …who suggested i try here …i kid u not …

Maybe we colud analyze sampled soundwaves to find ouf. And maybe TE is working on a new manual.

And maybe trusting your ears is enough for most of it… :slight_smile:
But I agree the info on the MIDI part is rather thin.

I’m just throwing this in here


from http://www.bome.com/bome/downloads/BomeBox_Flyer.pdf :
"- USB Host (Type A receptacle) for connecting MIDI controllers, synthesizers, serial port, USB Hubs, etc.
- WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
- Load and execute MIDI Translator Pro project files"