midi in crash at \src\dsp\VoiceCtl.cpp:632 (message.at(1) < kNrOfMidiNotes)?

When I am connecting the OP-1 using the camera connection kit to an iPad and enable Midi-IN for the OP-1 using the MidiBridge app,

the OP-1 frequently ‘freezes’, see attached pictures.

Do others experience similar issues using USB Midi-IN, and are there workarounds?

not sure about this specific error, but sometimes a factory or firmware reset will do the trick. prob wanna back up before hand if u have stuff u don’t wanna lose

Yup, OP-1 does have a problem with receiving signals WHILE being turned on.

I see crashes when I have it connected to OpLab which is receiving CV or MIDI… not always but often.
I blamed Oplab, but it could be Op-1.

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@piotr: the issue happens regularly just while playing music, not while being turned on. Hopefully TE will provide the source code at some stage, so we can fix those issue ourselves :slight_smile: