MIDI Mapping OP-1: MAJOR issue with MOMENTARY action, please help!

Use case

Mapping OP-1 keys in DAWs (for example OP-1's REC key to ditto button in DAW). *Note: I have OP-1 in CTRL Mode.*

Problematic Behavior

The mapped key acts as *MOMENTARY* switch: It turns ON and then OFF when pressing and then releasing the mapped key on the OP-1.

Expected Behavior

I want the button state in my DAW to *STAY* persistent: When pressing and releasing OP-1 key, the button in my DAW should stay activated or deactivated accordingly.

... I'm sure there must be many other OP-1 users having this same issue. PLEASE ... how do you work around this issue in DAWs in general? (Sorry for sounding so desperate.)

I did some light research when you posted about this last time. I didn’t see anything that would allow you to do this built into Live. Everything says you have to change your MIDI controller settings to turn on toggle mode. But this can’t be done on the OP-1. I think it could be done with additional software that could filter out note off messages for those buttons. Or it could be done with hardware. But all of that will take some work by you to get it working. Nothing easy it seems.

I appreciate your looking into this, GCF! I’ve emailed T. E. and also posted on Reddit, to see if there’s any tried and tested method that could work with as little pain as possible.

As it seems, I might need to look into external software solutions (maybe BOME Midi Translator?), but I really want a soution that’s as non-clunky as possible. BOME feels a little over the top and pricey. :slight_smile:


Please try to setup Live this way: https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1904/quick-dirty-graphical-guide-to-operate-ableton-live-with-op-1 - you should get REC/PLAY/STOP buttons working properly & being able do do extra mapping (by midiStroke).

I hope that helps :slight_smile: