MIDI Out help needed

I’m only trying to send notes out. CNTRL modes doesn’t seem to have many settings, so I like to think I tried every combo. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I selected my desired channel with green encoder, white encoder so I see a keyboard icon, and I tried both blue encoder settings (which I dunno what they mean). I confirmed that the receiving device is correctly configured by triggering some notes from ios.

Try a midi monitor (there’s a free program with that name for iOS for example) to see what gets sent out from the OP-1. Also, the default OP-1 mode (you use for playing and recording) sends midi out, did you try that out? I had a USB cable that didn’t work for MIDI once, mebbe try another one? Also, try detaching and the reattaching the USB cable in the OP-1 end, sometimes that helps…

I DLed Midi Monitor and I see what is happening. The OP1 is outputting on channel 1, even tho I have 16 selected with the green encoder. I don’t understand the purpose of the green encoder in CNTRL mode. I know from experience that the op1 listens to channel 1 regardless of the green encoder selected channel. So this led me to believe that the green encoder was for the output only transmission, but according to MIDI Monitor it always outputs channel 1 as well. What gives? BTW, my receiving device must be 16. Using MIDI Bridges Holy Mapper module does’t help to change channels. I guess I’m just gonna have to do an ambient approach to the battle. I was trying to sequence my SH-101 with the OP1. Not a deal breaker.

BTW thanks for suggesting MIDI Monitor @vehka it seems great for easy trouble shooting.

On a PC the midi channel changes correctly in both OP-1 and CNTRL mode - so maybe an iOS issue?

Yes @husker that may be true. I imagine it may be the powered USB hub. Although, I have no problem triggering the sh101 from the iPad using the same channel.