Midi track question


Sorry if this has been asked.

Is it possible to disable a control track and set to midi out only.

For example, I need 4 midi out tracks to sequence hardware and would like to keep my 8 audio tracks. If I use for example the fx track to sequence hardware it was also sequence fx, can I disable this so a control track doesn’t control the opz?

I can use module, lights and motion without effecting audio so just need one more


Press the mixer icon and shift to mute the “audio” portion of the track.

That should disable the midi from effecting the FX track I think, without changing the FXs.

I know for the regular tracks, doing this mutes the audio, but keeps the midi, but since you can’t “mute” the FX tracks, it might work.

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Thanks, will try that

Got it connected to my mc101 and struggling to get any midi into it via usb so not going great lol