Mini MS20 Drum kit PDF... useful insight for learning

I saw this and figure I would add it to what analog drum peeps should know:

link to his PDF

OOOoooOOOooo Well works on the iMS20 too :stuck_out_tongue:

Tnx mate, much appreciated!

Good for use with the DS-10 too I would imagine.

Thanks, Dimi3

hehe i actually learned alot about crafting drums from the Korg DS10 game.

The DS-10 rules, pity there were different versions, but I won’t dissect that creature here…

Waldorf Attack manual is pretty damn fine for some drum synthesis

And of course the SOS series is pretty much legendary if you really want to get down to it

Almost anything you can find on drum synthesis is invaluable, I personally think learning drum synthesis before any other sets you up with a better understanding of how to create or recreate any sound you might desire.

It’s better learning to fight hand-to-hand before arming yourself with a weapon.