misc: soundcloud spam is becoming more creative...

I’ve always had the occasional bot follow, like, reblog, etc., but it was always easy to pick out, block, and report. mostly because they’d have names like user139594963587, sexycindy, GETFOLLOWERS/SOUNDREBLOG, or something similar. you all get the point. though, lately, I noticed a new trend. I’ve been getting likes and follows from generic FirstnameLastname users. such as GinaGardner, JohnnySkylar, HowardIvy, JustinLaynor, and more! And all of their profiles are like “up and coming dj/producer,” “edm vocalist,” and similar vague descriptions, with a varying number of followers, but no posted sounds.

I dunno, it doesn’t really matter, I guess. just wanted to vocalize this, and see if you all are having a similar problem. I just wish soundcloud would get on their shit about bots. it bothers me having weird fake likes and followers.

uh, stoned. venting. hope you all have a happy new year!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned on SC is never to tag something “hip hop” or “house” or whatnot. you get a bunch of likes immediately, but all bots/other meaningless clicks.

Sure, perhaps giving it relevant tags might help people discover it, but I don’t care about a 1% increase in plays if it’s also a bajillion% increase in spam likes/comments.