Missing key behavior in manual

There seems to be a number of functions that aren’t documented in the manual, such as pressing Stop and left arrow to jump to the beginning of the tape. Another example would be the behavior of the Stop button, which seems to jump to the beginning of the loop if pressed when the tape is not playing. The user guide does not even hint to these functions being available. Are these documented anywhere?

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Those commands are documented in Synthdawgs OP-1 Notebook.


It is for the OP-1 rather than the OP-1 field but it is quite comprehensive.


Unfortunately, I’ve always felt the TE manuals have never been fully comprehensive, and was disappointed to see the field series having a PDF manual only. Very funny though, it was similarly annoying to not have a PDF manual for the older series, but now I miss the luxury of a webpage-based manual. Regardless, I feel like they never go into detail in regards to some of their parameters in their engines, truly esoteric.


I thought the field comes with a little booklet?

if that tiny booklet was all there was it would be ridiculous. Luckily the “op-1 notebook” even though it is for the OG basically saves the day. The tiny Field booklet is good for seeing what might be different for the Field, but it seems like 90% of the functionality is identical between the OG and the Field, so the notebook is still great.

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