missing patches?

This is not a big deal or anything. More of a head scratcher. My friend bought his op-1 about a year after I did mine. While playing around he pulled up a patch for the String synth that I thought sounded cool. I went to my String presets and the preset wasn’t there. I know he didn’t create the patch and I know he didn’t put in on his op-1 after the fact because he isn’t that savvy yet with it. I tried updating to the most recent OS, but no change. Again, not a biggie, just something that makes me wonder what’s up.

You 100% sure you’re both on the very same OS version? Also, is there any chance that his OP-1 had a previous owner? Which category is the patch in? What’s the name of the patch even?

don’t remember the name of the patch just now. It was a String synth patch though.