Mixer level/Knob curves

Anyone else feel like the Op1 mixer is weird in the way the mixer bring up the levels?

I’ve nearly always taken stems out via USB for mixing but yesterday wanted to record something to album and started with 3 track faders fully down. When fading them in they kind of jolt in to the mix super early on in the knob values. Maybe it was just a freak occurrence thing with the sounds/master fx etc I was using? Will try it again in future with different sounds/settings etc. Just didn’t feel too great fading stuff in with the mixer on that tape, wondered if it’s ‘just one of those things’ that is an Op1 characteristic or if it was down to my sounds/settings?

What kind of compressor settings did you have ?

That could explain it :slight_smile: Drive was at 60, pretty hard in the red and comp was on like 40, I think… Will check layer and tame it and see if mixer behaves more like I’d expect it to :wink: