Mixer stuck values?

I’m sure this has come up before; of course ohpeewon goes down like a week before I got my OP-1.

But I wanted to ask about what I presume is a bug.

It’s completely reproducible: go to the track mixer or EQ screen (perhaps the other two mixer screens as well, but those two are the only ones I remember testing)
Set some parameters to some values. (let’s call those values Arnold)
Hold one of the memory slot buttons, and set the memory slot parameters to some different values (let’s call them Bob)
Then release the memory button and set the parameters to different values again. (let’s call those Connor)
Hit the corresponding mixer page button, or navigate to another screen, and the values revert from Connor to Arnold.

Very annoying. The only workaround I’ve found is remembering to briefly engage one of the memory slots every single time you edit any Mixer parameter.

Are you running the most current O.S? This was a bug I reported and appeared to be fixed. I’d say instal the latest O.S if you haven’t, then do a factory re-set. (Back up first of course). If you still have the problem, I’d report it to T.E.

Haha Terminator Beef?

welp, that fixed it, thanks.

I guess I assumed it would be up-to-date, since I got it only a few days ago.