Modifying Endless seq after recording?


I’ve read somewhere that’s possible to add or remove steps at the end of an endless seq already recorded. But can’t find the tips anywhere…
Was I dreaming ?


Once you have an endless sequence, you can do shift-left to reduce a step. You don’t see it reducing until you let go of shift, I think… so, say you have a 64 step sequence, if you hold down shift and tap left 4 times, then when you let go of shift, you’ll see it’s now a 60 step sequence.

I don’t think you can do it the other way though (make the sequence longer).


you can read it here:

7.4 endless sequencer functionality
on the right side. :slight_smile:
But I think appending new notes is not possible.

Thanks for detail, I’ve read this part but it never says that it can work after the seq is recorded :slight_smile: