I realize this may be a bridge too far for a lot of people. Everything HAS to be in stereo. And I like panning left and right as much as the next guy. But man…have you ever sat down and listened to old 45 rpm records? I’m talking golden age stuff, late 50s early 60s. I’ve been listening to my parents old 45s & sometimes I think that was the apex and everything went downhill from there. For one thing the records are 50 years old & they sound better than anything. And it’s not spread out to both sides its all smack dab in the middle; raw and real and unpolished and so $#%@ing powerful. That’s mono. I want to record that way, with one mic and a throw rigor in the stairwell with talent off the street, with a blanket stuffed in a half-busted bass amp, all cold sweat and warm beer & just good tracks.
Is it crazy to be jealous of what they had? Or didnt have?

Thats a throw RUG. My phone is fired.

This is what I was thinking a couple of days ago, too, while listening to the Fallout 3 Soundtrack again. Now I find that there’s actually nothing I wish OP1 could do which it can’t do. Just max out what it gives you and you can make some terrific tunes! <3

Reverb, epic reverb. That’s what the OP-1 can’t do. But it’s OK, there’s other things it can do

Reverb, epic reverb. That's what the OP-1 can't do. But it's OK, there's other things it can do

place speakers in a room with reverb and record it back with a mic. :smiley: I read that in an article about abbey road studios…

I’m probably the only person who likes the reverb on the OP1, but then again I really enjoy coiling & uncoiling white and blue slinkies.

I think the OP1 reverb sounds good on drums. It’s kind of harsh witch works great for some kinds of music, but not others.

I only use stereo for width. Pingpong delay, wide reverb, unison spread, etc. The most I’ll do is pan guitars hard left and right. The few times I’ve tried to use panning on instruments, it’s sounded unbalanced. It’s especially difficult with the monomachine, where in order to actually have a pingpong delay, the instrument has to be panned to one side.

I just listened to Portishead’s “Dummy” record a few days ago - a classic modern record mainly in mono

It takes a lot of poise to make wholly mono material I reckon, way too tempting to start panning things around (I’m super guilty of it)

On a side note, I love the OP’s reverb! At first I hated it, but it’s so different to any other reverb. Making the spring fully white can have some really interesting timbral effects

And here I am only just having begun my stereo trickery journey on op1

That’s what I liked about the Worms album by Mr Oizo - One Speaker Is Enough Recordings/ Production!