Moving files back and forth between DAW and OP-1 tape?

Is it possible to move tracks to DAW on a computer, then save them and move them back onto the tape?

I’ve only recently bought my OP-1 and tried to do this last week, but c*cked it up! I think I might just have saved it as the wrong file extension, but wanted to check if anyone else has done it before I try again.

It seems like, if it’s possible to move tape files back and forth between a computer and OP-1, it would also be an easy way to bounce.

I made a thunderstorm set of tape files in Studio One once and dropped them into the OP-1, worked great. Just be sure to follow the 6 minute length (though I am reasonably sure the OP-1 will truncate anything too long, I would shoot for 6 minutes even if your song is 3, though, and leave the rest as silence), mono tracks, and the .aif file extention.

Good to know. Thanks KrisM. I think I’d trimmed mine down from 6min, and tried to do it in stereo so that would probably explain it.

I’ll give it another go… Having backed everything up first of course!

Tried again last night, still to no avail.

This time tried importing AIFF, mono, exactly 6 minutes and there was absolutely nothing on the track when I then disconnected and switched on the OP-1.

I wondered if it might be something to do with the way I transfered the file? I renamed the tape track so it was the same as the one showing in the OP-1’s tape file (i.e. ‘track_4’ in this case) but when I copied it over to the tape folder, it didn’t replace the identically named (and identically formatted) track_4 that was already in there. So when I deleted that so that only the new ‘track_4’ was in there (along with the other 3 tracks, of course) I assumed this would replace it and mean that track 4 would be my bounced audio when I switched the OP-1 back on. But track 4 was just empty.

Any suggestions for help are much appreciated.

Make sure its Aif with one F.Delete from extension if needed or use a program that can save Aif.