Multiple Pattern Sequences

Is it possible to program more than one pattern sequence into the OP-1? I know I can use the apes, but I prefer the old-skool way using the pattern sequencer.


No, I don’t think it’s possible.

I’ll admit that, in the past, there’s been a few times when I wished I could store grid patterns somewhere - or at least have an alternate fill pattern - but the monkey drummers are your only option. It’s certainly not as easy to edit them, but after a while it doesn’t seem like much of a chore and there’s so much you can do with them. I also like that the monkey sequencer is like the logical half way point between the grid and the endless - very clever!

That’s a bugger, that’s for that.

I’ve had quite a lot of fun just recording stuff live, but every now and again it would be nice to have a sequence. Is there any good software I can use to interface with it to do that? I was thinking about Fruity Loops, but there are some people on here that don’t think they are a good match.


Check out Renoise, if you’re not put off with a tracker interface. Demo is almist unrestricted if using in this way.

Thank you :slight_smile: