Music Contest - An OP-1 Odyssey

The steps to follow aren’t clear. Do we name the track after the contest? Do we use that image as our image? Is there some date it should claim to have been released on?

Cool. I got my OP-Bunny yesterday, it’s great, so I highly recommend this competition! =)

I’m volunteering to be a judge, @OP1kenopi!

Also, a question: Why do you suggest people choose an ‘all rights reserved’ license for their entries? Just curious, since I always use a CC license.

Hi! Thanks for your inputs, there is always room for improvement, specially when you work on some contest rules during the night… :smiley:

@Lymtronics Title track is what you want it to be. No need to put the contest name in there.
About the cover art for your entry, yes you should use the one available on the same contest page.
You can use as many tags as you want after your entry, but please make sure to include those three ones indicated in the steps.
Release Date = Entry Submission Date (in this contest case.)

@vehka Good point, I am going to change that as you suggested and… glad to have you on board as a panel judge! Please join the >> SoundCloud contest group << so that I can enable your powers! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna specify what I just said here on the contest page too.