Music Critique Club!


Hi guys, another peice if music I’d love to share. Again all done with OP1 running through Avalanche Run pedal.


Hi guys!

Been away a while. I’m looking forward to giving some feedback on peoples posts.

Still encouraging people to give feedback before posting tracks. I really enjoyed it and found it take my imagination to different places with my own tracks. :smile:


Hey guys!

Its been a while since i was on here (modular addiction got the better of me). Recently however my record contract finished so i have been able to re-upload all my original OP1 beat tapes from 2014 / 2015 to soundcloud (i was obliged to remove them because of some B*S contract reason, dont get involved with record labels kids!)

Anyways, i thought i would share again!

Everything you hear was produced, sequenced and recorded as a live performance using the OP1 via a Fireface 400 soundcard and recorded directly into Logic Pro 9.

To make a ‘Beat Tape’ i would collect a series of my favourite 90 second jam tracks form the OP1 and and arrange them in logic. Where necessary i also added some post production to transition between tracks.

Each ‘Beat Tape’ represents about 3 months of OP1 improvisations.

I make no apologies for the excessive use of the tape effects and the blue encoder… It is what i felt was right at the time, and even though i would do things differently now i respect that past me had a vision.

Each ‘Beat Tape’ has the same mastering chain consisting of an EQ preset, heavy compression and a sample delay (delaying the right channel about 100ms). In hindsight (and now working professionally as a producer) I realise that my idea of ‘mastering’ in 2014 was pretty leftfield… However I have given the younger me benefit of the doubt artistically and have deliberately not revisited these tracks to do a more serious production job. The vibe of the original production is absolutely all there, and to me that is the one truly important thing!

That said, if you are listening in Mono(!), or are have a speakers with bass extension beyond about 60hz, i’m sorry…