Muted key on inactive OP-1

Since updating to 241i’ve noticed that while using the op1, if left inactive (meaning no keys being pressed) for say 1-2 mins while I look for a sample or something, when I come back to the keys, the first key press I do will be muted, almost as if the keys were put to sleep. This only happens on the first key strike, everything after that acts as it should, unless of course I leave the keys inactive again.

The mute is odd in that sometimes if the theres a sustained note or engine being used, you can catch the end of the note being played as the keyboard “wakes up” almost as if there is a long attack being applied to the first strike.

I’ve made sure I don’t have lfo on, or any effect, master or otherwise but it’s freaking me out as it wasn’t an issue before 241.

Mine does the same when connected to a speaker and also when not. Go figure idk…

As long as it keeps ‘waking up’ i’m ok.

Yeah, ok. I took your issue and tested that out for myself and sure enough if i was connected to my speaker, that happened, when not connected or when connected only to headphones, it worked fine (which isn’t the case for you I suppose).