Muting Fx Tracks

I should be able to mute the Fx tracks by turning them off in the mixer page right? Muting either Fx track in the mixer page isn’t turning off the effect on the other tracks for me. Am I misunderstanding something?

So red means recording just responded to me on YouTube and said they are able to turn off effects from either Fx track by muting the fx track. Can anyone please confirm or deny this. Perhaps they misunderstood my question. When I send say the kick track to fx 1 and mute the Fx track. The effect does not go away…

He might be referring to holding shift while on the FX page. I think you can remove tacks from the chain that way, but it seems like it would also make sense to be able to mute the entire fx channel if you wanted to and use mute groups too.

@Lymtronics thanks for responding. So are you confirming that you cannot just mute the whole track? Just making sure I don’t have something wrong with my opz.

That’s how it’s been over several OS versions so far.

Thanks so much for answering me. I wonder if they use an old os or just skimmed my question and didn’t reallyq read it or? I’m know I’m guilty of that from time to time

This may be common knowledge but here’s something I figured out last night while trying to mute the delay on FX track 1.

If you have a delay time sequence programmed into the fx track, muting that fx track will allow the delay time to hold on whatever time it was programmed to when you muted it. So if I have locked trig’s (with appropriate length) on steps 1 (delay time 2), 5 (delay time 4), 9 (delay time 3) and 13 (delay time 6). If I mute the FX track on steps 1-4, the delay time will hold at 2, ignoring the rest of the sequneced changes. If I mute it on steps 5-8 it will hold at 4, 9-12 will hold at 3 and 13-16 will hold at 6.

It didn’t seem to work for locked dial parameter values but I’ll try more tonight. Did not test with the other effects either, as they do not have key values…

If you do shift + mute for the fx tracks (so they are red) it mutes the audio and then also allows you to use the fx tracks to sequence midi.

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