My 1 hour OP-1 screen just died !

Been playing and tweeking my brand new OP-1 for about an hour (what a great moment) but screen just turned at 75% dead, see attached picture.
I have reset the unit but it doesn’t change anything…
Well I just received th OP-1 from Amazon. Should I return it asap and ask for another one ?
damn… :frowning:

When you say you reset the unit. Do you mean a factory reset? Of course thats the first thing to try. You could also try reinstalling the O.S. Does the OP-1 work aside from the screen?

I just tried the factory reset (power on + com then 7). Didn’t try reinstalling the OS. It does look like everything is working fine (only tested basic stuff as with only 25% of the screen readable). I may try to reinstall the OS but already asked Amazon to return and replace.
Is there any known issue with the screen ? Damn, II feel so frustrated…

P.S: I can’t read the option menu when booting with power on + com touch. I did the factory reset blindly using touch 7 (but I guess it worked as everything was back to when I started the machine the first time).
What are the other option of the menu (with numbers) ?
Can you update the OS without beeing abble to read at the screen ?

P.S 2: Did an OS update (thank to some video on youtube showing the process, I could do it beeing blind).
The screen is still as dead as before, it’s definitly hardware issue…

@atom, I’d return it back at once !

Amazon is shipping another unit tomorrow, I have to send back this one.
Now I feel worry about the OP-1, is it fragile ? Never saw any screen issue through all the posts and articles I 've readed before buying it.

No, it’s not fragile at all.

I’ve brought mine everywhere almost every weekend with TE soft-case, and no pb.
My son let it fall on the floor from 1m high so the metal is hurt in one corner, but everything is still OK 3 months after.
I’ve had it for 15 months now, and it was already 2y old I think.

Don’t worry about this.

As @LyingDalai said, it’s not fragile, I do the same, brought everywhere in the softcase (in taking care anyway :)), but it’s pretty robust.
Where do you live? Maybe the op-1 has catch a chill during transport :smiley:

Well, I live in Rennes (France), it doesn’t look like a Machu Picchu trail !

just a defective unit i guess. don’t sweat it! the next one will be pristine!

@atom Cool, je servais au Foy’ de l’INSA en 2000 ^^

I’ve never seen this in almost three years of OP-1ing so I think it’s fairly safe to say it’s a fluke.

i have had several events where my op1 freezes and i get some kind of screen distortion. i believe it may have looked similar to this.

Take down the serial number though! There’s a thread on here recording model numbers and defects.

@daninski the defective op-1 has already been shipped back. Tobias from TE told me it was a known issue (but rare), it happens if the unit was hard drop down or splitted on.

New OP-1 in my hands :stuck_out_tongue:
I was a bite nervous at start as the unit didn’t light up at all. I thought I had another dead one. But battery was just empty (battery on the other unit had some reserves unboxed).

Here we go!

Happy days. Glad to hear you got sorted.