My OP-1 field fell on the ground and it can't get up (but seriously, I need help please)

I dropped my OP-1 field on the floor and it’s not booting. It fell on the ground encoders faced down. It doesn’t have any visible damage, aside of the fact that when I flip the power switch it does nothing. It also doesn’t teboot, or makes the click sound to show that it’s still alive. I didn’t charge the unite for some time, so I tried the trick where I charge it for a few hours and then try again, but nothing happened. I don’t know what is wrong with it. Any Ideas? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

I wonder if the battery became disconnected?

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Obviously try and pursue any warranty coverage you may have, especially if damage is not visible. But yeah it could be a loose battery or connection, or the encoder pot impact could’ve cracked a printed circuit board within. It could be anything.

I know that doesn’t help too much.

One thing you could try before opening it is you can get cheap USB current meter things on Amazon/eBay - you plug them between the wall charger and the cable and it will say 5V 2A etc, it shows how much electricity current is flowing into the unit. This is helpful to see, gives some indication if power is getting in ok. But yeah - dunno.

Good luck. Keep us updated whatever the outcome, it’d be nice to know what your resolution was, for the next time this happens to someone.


that’s one of the things I took into consideration. Not sure what to do about it though.

so the LEDs still do their lil dance when charging or na?

I haven’t touched my OP-1 field in month, but I can tell it doesn’t. from about the leds stopped dancing while the OP-1 field is charging (either when it’s on or off).