My OP-1 PDF Manual

A little over a year ago I also made a manual for printing. Thought I would share.

What can I say, I am old-school, I love my manuals printed and next to my bed, ready to be read.

Low cost is key here. I tried not to waste paper space, crammed alot in there. Used as little color as I could, had to hand-edit alot of the graphics. All this to keep the print cost down (and also make it look nice when printed).
Took me a while.

Maybe this helps someone.
Check it out now!

Great work! Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice one :slight_smile: thanks

Awesome! Thanks!

Nicely done. Thanks for this.

Thanks so much for that . That’s brilliant :slight_smile:

I feel a little silly now for using the work printer for printing the full color manual.

Nah no I don’t, but cool to have this in case I spill my coffee on it or something. Great job dude

nice work , i much prefer a manual i can use without the computer / internet.

Great work, thank you @Ilge

Great, thanks!!

Thank you very much for this!