N00b alert. Failing to load custom patches

Hi everyone. I’m having a hard time loading custom patches to the op-1; I think I followed the instructions correctly:

- I created my own folders under /drum and /synth and placed some aif files inside (these were downloaded from this very forum)
Captura de pantalla 2015-08-18 a las 13.54.58
- safely disconnected, and allowed the op-1 to recognize the new patches:


- Finally, when I browse the synth engines, my stuff still isn't there :'(


The same goes with the drum sets. My op-1 is running the r.14203 firmare.
I'll greatly appreciate any help

@Godkilla When you are on the selection page for either synths or drums (as above screenshot) hold shift and hit 8 and your folders should show up.

worked! thank you @wolflegjon !

kudos to @wolflegjon for that little tip!

@Godkilla I’m fairly new to the OP-1 and that one totally threw me as well - glad I could help out. There is a whole load of fun ahead once you start getting outside sources into that little wonder…

@spacetravelmadeeasy Thanks! Additional note: I think it works with any of the number keys, I don’t know why I said eight!