Nanoloop standalone hardware synth on Kickstarter


I have no affiliation with nanoloop but I love their app and think this will be a great friend for my OP-Z


haha i do exactly know the day --it was a Sunday-- when I called Oliver in his Apartment in Hamburg. He was just so honest about the Nanoloop and the awesome USB/Link cable.

Nice to see this Hardware Unit.


I am unbelievably keen. I’m so glad this is getting the funding it deserves.


OH WOW – Nanoloop! Glad to see it getting a bit of a resurgence! I remember exploring the notion of chiptune waaaaaay back in the day when I first discovered the 8bitCollective w/ Nullsleep and a dozen names I can’t even remember. If memory serves someone on Nanoloop or LSDJ eventually went on to be a part of Teenage Engineering and had a hand in designing the OP-1!