Need your minds and ears to recreate a sound

Hi Operators!

I just got my first synth ever: the OP-Z. I am completely new to music/synths, and trying to recreate a sound with the OP-Z. I tried a lot of things, but I just cannot get this sound out of it. Maybe it’s just not possible with the current synth engines on the OP-Z, so i’m curious what your thoughts about this are.

The sound I’m looking for is in the song “stuck” from Lone":
And this is my best attempt, which doesn’t sound a lot like it:

Synth: Shade
Envelope: A:0, D:36, S:52, R:32
LFO: Depth: 34, Rate: 56, Destionation: filter, Shape: triangle free
and a little bith of rymd

Bass: Uranus
Envelope: A:21, D:45, S:35, R:14

Notes Synth: B, F#
Notes Bass: F# , B (my recording has a F accidentally)

I have no chords, only single notes, so maybe that’s were I went wrong.
Thanks in advance for teaching me!