NEOTERIC *NEW* 5 Track EP (Not OP-1)

First time using Bandcamp.
5 track EP titled "NEOTERIC"

No OP-1 used in the production though.

Enjoy and feedback appreciated.

What tools were used? I’ll peep a bit later when I get a second!

They are all composed in Ableton Live using various VST’s.

A lot are from older vsts like the Korg Legacy Collection, Vanguard and Arturia Mini V
Tracks 1 and 5 use maschine for drums.

The songs are a collection that have been hanging around for a while that I wanted to get finished, out there and off my hard disc to start 2015 afresh!

Bandcamp seems like a pretty good platform for selling stuff so I’ll probably use it for putting the jams I record and more experimental stuff on.