New 8 channel mixers available now


@yobink Sure do, DM me your email address:)


Hey @darenager! Still having one of these sweeties? Thanks!


@maara yes still available, I pm’d you :slight_smile:


Do you ship to Sweden? @darenger


@elemenofi Yes! I will ship worldwide:)


I know this is not the post for this but:

If I have an OP-1, a PO-12, a PO-14, a Volca Bass and a Volca Beat, will this little device allow me to plug them all to it and then just use the output as a 3.5mm cable to my OD-11?

I just need like a place to put the 3.5mm output of all these devices so that they can all end up in my speakers :slight_smile:


@elemenofi Yes indeed, it is exactly this kind of setup for which I designed these mixers, the level lost by the passive mixing is easily made up at the input of the OD-11. See the first picture in the thread for my email address which is on the mixer.


@darenager I’m looking for something that can synchronise multiple PO units from one master unit in parallel (since series destroys sound quality and control); it doesn’t even have to output via a single 3.5mm jack (in fact, would be even better if it didn’t since I can then use multiple outputs into another mixer I have).Would this work for that? If so, do you have any left?


@pokeylop it will work as a clock distributor although I have only ever tried 5 slaves, it should be fine with 8 but I have no way to test that as I do not have access to 8 devices. Yes I have some left.


are these still for sale?


@cuberoo yes I still have some.


cool, if you DM me your email I can pay by paypal?


@cuberoo DM’d :slight_smile:


Do you, by any chance, have any of those left? :slight_smile:


I am interested in buying one if they are still available? :slight_smile:


Yes still have some black ones left @WatchMeOperating email me to order: (remove the OP1)


also interested, but your photo at the top is broken I believe, mind re-upping?


Look here: