New app - midiLFOs

midiLFOs is a new app for iPads. It has 4 LFOs, each of which can modulate a synth parameter, or each other, or whatever you can dream up. I got some great lopsided tremolos going with my OP-1, and I’m sure some of the folks on here can run amok with this tool! : )

I was wondering how nice it would be to have audio rate LFOs in OP-1.You have me thinkin of MidiLFO as a route in.I don’t have an iPad and this ain’t on iPod.I may try audio signal In carrying Amp mod Osc and use Element envelope follower until I find a midi LFO that does audio rate.

Hi Spheric_El, yeah, was hoping it would be universal. Maybe some of the better OPerators on here can chime in with a fix, or start your own discussion, so they’ll see your question. : )