NEW! Dichstudios PO cases are finally shipping

amazing work

really nice stuff. might look into the volca double skiff and some po cases when you drop the newer models. would love some darker wood finishes ;O

@drybones darker wood for the PO cases or volca skiffs? I can do both.

both :slight_smile:

are the wood po cases the same price as the acrylic?

Great job on the PO Cases, best I’ve seen. I even want to pick up more POs just so I can house them in your cases.

the cases are good. many thanks for designing and selling them. one request for your consideration for future iterations: could there be an insert that shows the markings and labels that are shown on the PO board itself. the insert could be placed under the perspex cover. just a thought. thanks again.

Have you thought about creating a triple case that will hold 3 of the PO’s at the same time?

That’d be pretty neat. Not sure how many PO’s most people have though.

i think maybe a cooler idea would be a modular version where you can rigidly link them and still separate them if you want. and even better would be a future proof version where you could link them vertically and horizontally. like making rows of three so when they’re all released you have a 3x3 grid that you can pull pieces out of if you don’t want to take the whole rig (dream big)

Well shoot…
The 3 of you have guessed exactly what I am working on, no surprises now.
The end game is too have a whole range of products that all mesh together. Cases, skins, racks, even the super secret mixer, all modular all easily configurable into what ever setup works for you.

Stay tuned folks, this is going to be epic for the pocket operators!

I’m also looking for a distributor outside the US. If anyone wants to help me out let me know and we can work the details.

nice! any eta on any of this stuff?

I’m looking at finishing up the mixer prototype dimensions in the next day or two. My code monkey is half way with the code. After that the rack then skins. So once I get the mixer size everything else will come together rather quickly. To be safe I’d say a couple weeks yet?

Any preferences?

preferences in regards to what?

i know i’m ready to purchase a 2 volca skiff right now if you have any with a darker finish (i’ve always been a walnut man myself)

regarding the po stuff i’d have to see what the finished stuff will look like/how it works. are all the wood po cases going to be ply or will some be hardwood?

(Just joined the forum!)

@Dichstudios1 - Those cases and mounting racks look amazing! Prices on the individual Pocket Operator cases are pretty fair too, especially in light of the silicone cases offered by TE, which never appealed to me because I don’t think they offer any actual protection.

One question: Is there rear-panel access for battery replacement? If not, how involved is it to disassemble the case each time we need to change the battery (which I’m hearing is over a year on standby, but maybe more like once a month if you used these a lot).

I’m a bit torn how to treat my PO’s right now because I’m buying these basically with the assumption that this is a device with a limited life span. It just seems impossible to believe that something won’t fail on this after a year or so of use (and nobody here has owned one longer than 2 years, so we just don’t really know yet). The chipboard is solid and the buttons feel much more durable than you’d think, but I would be stunned if the three I own still work in 5 years. Changing the batteries is pretty terrifying because the brackets are fragile and it’s tough to pry them out w/o causing damage/fatigue. I’m accepting all of this an inherent risk for the $60 price point.

Volca skiff- I can go ahead and make a walnut version up for you, early next week ok? I don’t like to rush clear coats on the wood.

For now the wood PO cases are the birch ply. I’m not sure if a solid non ply hardwood would be stable/strong enough? I’ll try one and get back to you.

Welcome to the forums! I’m also relatively new here as well and have found the people on this forum very welcoming.
My cases do allow access to the battery without disassembly. No worries on the durability of the PO, they are pretty robust for what they are, but I’d still recommend buying some sort of case for them. I’m not necessarily saying you should by my cases

Looks like I got cut off there…

Keeping them in a simple box, Tupperware cardboard etc when not in use will go a long way in preserving the life of the synths.

@dichstudios yeah man if you got walnut at the same price next week is way faster than i expected :wink:

you seem to be working at a pretty steady clip man :slight_smile:

@dichstudios1 any updates?

@drybones my buddy and I decided to do a last minute camping trip with the families this week. Figured it was a good time to recharge the batteries while we wait for parts to arrive.
I do have your walnut volca skiff finished. Ready to ship Monday. I’ll send some pics this Sunday when I get home.

@dichstudios1 fantastiq! have a fun trip.