Elektron are teasing with new product(s?)

Performance looper? Something with Sensors/Intrument to Midi/Synth? Mixer?



God knows what it is from that video?! One of these maybe :wink:

I know, right???

I’m going to have to get stitches because my sides are splitting!!


just leaked …

(it even makes a fun face)

The product is not define yet.

That’s a new commercial approach.
- Make a cool abstract teaser.
- Wait
- Read forum reaction.
- Develop the product.
- Finish the OS ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
- Make a cool abstract teaser.
- …

I guess performance mixer is the winner.
but the controller is a nice idea.

guitar pedal, or audio interface with analog/digital effects and Overbridge. My guess

@virtual_flannel doubt it’s a pedal, cenk apparently said it was a studio thing… So yeah, interface/multitrack recorder with fx like you say I guess? Never been blown away by the Elektron fx on my OT/AK so if it is an fx box hopefully they’ve gone crazy on it.
Hoping it’s not the only thing that Elektron have coming soon. New digital synth/sampler please… :wink:

A pic of it there…

Seems like it might be a mixer fx sequencer thing… :slight_smile:

Dark quad it seems now.

That’s a 3D render made by a fan.

maybe a new color scheme for the next range of boxes… hmm… red maybe?

Crazy 8-track?!? Post-Tascam hi-fi portable system to mix things onboard, dubstyle??? WANT!

Have a sneaking suspicion that a granular sampler thing with elektron sequencer could be a possibility