I have completely redesigned and revamped the website.

I have added more video channels, more resources, updated links and blog and it now covers the Pocket Operators as well as our beloved OP-1.

Now it Needs You. Please send via the site, any pictures, samples and features for the blog. Whilst i think it currently forms a good source of information, tutorials and resources, the more people contribute the more we can build a fantastic hub of TE Operator info.

Feedback as always, welcome and appreciated. Also please buy the iBook - OP-1 Cookbook as its this that funds the website hosting, file hosting, tools etc to keep GO-P1 running.


Looks GREAT Neil!

Awesome buddy!

Looks fantastic!

cheers guys. V-F Did you get my email?

Brill! I also picked up a copy of the Op-1 a Cookbook.


Thanks guys

I dig your photos. I’m intrigued, 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music a producers. Judging from the linen cover and typography, 60s?

Edit: it’s from Abelton! Neat

Kites, Brand New not 60s. Get it Here… (I should be on commission)…

p.s. Couldn’t find ‘updating OP-1 Website’ as a blocker to musical creativity lol

Or chatting on Forums.

more content added today

It’s sold out, but I bought the iBook version. Still, I think I’d like a hard copy, the graphics and colors are candy to the eyes.

+1! Would definitely buy a hard copy!

cheers guys. V-F Did you get my email?

Yes, will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for getting back to me:) Sorry about that!

cheers guys. V-F Did you get my email?

Yes, will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for getting back to me:) Sorry about that!

Samples link added V-F

Hi Guys, firstly apologies for not posting as much. Work - Life balance tilted firmly in one direction this last year. Now just in the process of updating and building my new studio which hots up next 3 weeks - follow progress on Project16 Page :

Im wondering if people still find the useful. Granted the updates have slowed up partly due to my loading and partly due to not much happening at TE with the OP-1. The site can be costly to run timeless and financially but if you still use it and feel it should continue then I’m happy to keep it running. If the content and usefulness have been overtaken thats ok too. Let me know your thoughts and if you feel anything is missing.

Finally don’t forget the cookbook! Hopefully will be updated at the next OS release.

Really interested in the Xfer Drum Preset tool, great share - FYI on the resource page of your site the hyperlink to the video about it isn’t active.

Thanks Ian, fixed it and link is here