New Guy Needs Lots of Help!

I’m wondering what sort of audio in and out cables I need. I bought an interface and some monitors but do I need a mixer or a DI box? I’ve read a little about summing to mono and how stereo out doesn’t exist with the OP-1…but everything I read I do not understand- I’m a guitar player and synths are complex-I just don’t understand how to get a great sound without using headphones (I have tinnitus and cannot use them.)

Please help me, I just want to make sounds without headphones and without the little internal speaker.


If you can route your audio interface input to the outputs with no latency, then you can do without a mixer for the time being, just connect a stereo-minijack-to-whatever-format-the-inputs-are cable (likely 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono unbalanced this time).

Once you get your head around that, it would benefit you to get a small mixer to sit in front of your monitors, and into which you can plug the OP1 and the outputs of your audio interface. That gets you independent signal paths, freeing up your audio interface inputs to use for whatever else you like, and more importantly to use the OP1 with the computer off.

Down the line you could plug the OP1 into a DI box or some other isolator box to avoid ground loop noise etc, but that’s “nice to have” territory.