New locking system in the rumble module

Looks like they changed up the design

A rumble pack… sigh


Help me understand the use of rumble. How does it effect the musical or auxiliary capabilities of the Z?


I can see a few uses for it but none that would justify the cost. The more I play with the OP-Z the more I wish it had a basic black and white screen module (the screen could slide out and flip up of the module slot) just to show basic info such as what setting/page you are currently on. I’d pay £69 for that so that I don’t need to bring my phone or ipad out and connect it etc. while playing about when on the move. I could learn what each LED colour means but I’m not sure I can be bothered to.

New locking system - ok - good idea.
Haptic feedback on a super light sharp cornered tiny box of plastic?

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When $89 goes from your account to their account…you’ve been rumbled!


that’s crazy and does it even output Sound like a subwoofer to compliment the internal Speaker? for rich harmonics and such?

I’ve thought about everything but this is something I couldn’t believe to see right now. :slight_smile:
if they’d just thrown in an analog filter for re-routing the internal sounds or a nano loop mono card in coop with Oliver…I wanna feel this thing in real life for sure!

more or less I hope they change the locking mechanism on zm-1 to this as a new standard.

…don’t want to kill anything but ‘‘PULSE’’ is an Haptic Metronome for IOS which describes itself like this:

Pulse is a sleek, minimalist, free pro metronome app with haptics and Bluetooth syncing for iPhone and Watch to help you keep a steady tempo and beat during practice.

  • Simple, intuitive interface

  • Tap for BPM

  • Playlists

  • Custom colors and click sounds

  • Tempo syncing across devices with Bluetooth

  • Haptic vibrations

  • Subdivisions

  • Time signatures

  • Background mode enabled

  • Watch support

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Would YOU trust TE to make a device that shakes the insides of the op-z?!? sod that!!

haptic subwoofer? high-definition vibrotactile feedback? psychoacoustic? i think they mean it buzzes. Just how often do you play the op-z like a video game controller, or do you use it on a flat surface? This novelty looks like it will have the life span of one of their joss sticks. (On the upside, a sex toy that one can sequence might just come in handy;) )

Oh boy, TE is running out of ideas.

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hopefully it won‘t rumble out the encoders.


i don‘t want to sound negative on this iam just surprised but after reading it’s a lofelt coop I start to understand what’s going on!! and now it has my full attention!!

Lofelt and Teenage Engineering unveil Rumble , a silent haptic subwoofer module for the popular synthesizer and sequencer, OP-Z.

Rumble is the product of close collaboration between the acclaimed music/design house, Teenage Engineering and Lofelt. The module recreates the natural bass vibrations experienced on traditional acoustic instruments – but missing on modern music-making gear – and turns the OP-Z into the world’s first tactile audio synth. It features the one-of-a-kind Lofelt L5 wideband haptic actuator which reproduces frequencies from 150Hz all the way down to 10Hz in high-fidelity. Thanks to psychoacoustics, the human brain perceives these vibrations as deep, powerful bass. Rumble also adds another exclusive feature to OP-Z: a silent metronome for live performance.

Lofelt was originally founded to bring the physical dimension of music to digital instruments. Our founders, along with many of us on the Lofelt team, come from audio technology backgrounds. The first Lofelt product, the award-winning and unique Basslet wearable subwoofer, showcased our novel audio-haptic approach to deliver a richer, more powerful music experience.

Today, Lofelt has expanded its vision to designing the most remarkable haptic experiences for all our favorite devices. We have become the industry leader in audio-haptic technologies, driving a paradigm shift across several industries such as music, gaming, AR/VR/XR, medical and beyond. Lofelt innovative design tools and drive solutions put high-definition haptics in reach for any product.

With Rumble , we revisit our musical roots and, together with Teenage Engineering, once again push the boundaries of how people experience and create music by forging deeper connections between creators and their machines.


Subwoofer indeed?
In many cases it will sound more like a wasp in a jam jar due to the frequently loose back panel.

What about producing an OPlab module with the new locking mechanism and offering it as a replacement for those folk who need it?

On the bright side, at least these modules don’t come branded with comic characters that nobody cares about.


I’m into Rick and morty and happily copped that PO. All my friends also like Rick and morty so… there’s some people who like those characters?

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I like lots of things, doesn’t mean I want them on my instruments though. Then again I take my lunch to work in Tupperware not a lunchbox these days… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Eat your lunch. Put your OPZ on the tupperware box. Rumble!!


I actually got alot more interested after readig this. I might get one to use as a vibration engine for things with acoustic properties. This might lead to some interesting samples that I can use on my OP-Z.

As a OPlab module owner with locking issues, that feels like a slap in the face.


what about a digi radio that uses the op-1 antenna, and can be directly sampled from? an SD card slot? a fold out parasol that shades the unit (so you can see the leds) on bright days?

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I’d buy this