New OP-1. Constant pops on empty tracks?

After years I finally bit the bullet and got an OP-1. Unfortunately, it was faulty. Constant crashes/freezes, and when I tried to reflash the firmware it froze. From looking around, this appears to be a hardware problem.

I’m in the process of sending it back for a refund. My plan was to get a replacement, but I noticed a problem with the tape that I managed to save before re-flashing. There are constant pops all over the tape tracks - including on those I haven’t recorded onto.

I’ve seen a bunch of complaints about pops, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. Is this normal? If so, I don’t think I’ll bother getting a replacement… but it could well just be a related hardware fault.

this is related to what i’ll call “ghosting”
its like tape takes that have been lifted sometimes leave lil pops behind
u can record a new take over it and lift that and it goes away
u can also wipe your entire tape clean and start over
with shift+tape and then follow the instructions
or via disk mode.

it was more common a couple years ago
i think they addressed it in an update at some point
but it may still happen
maybe check what firmware u are on if its an older one?

it doesn’t happen to me much, but it has a few times.
i got in the habit of periodically doing a factory reset
for various reasons.
and it keeps my OP in tip top shape.

Thanks, though I don’t think this is the same issue. This is a brand new, erased tape. I haven’t recorded over any of those sections on any of those tracks. It’s the latest firmware.

ah gotcha thought maybe u bought it used.

ya might be a sign of something more serious if u are having other issues too :man_shrugging:
that many ghost clicks on the tape is def not normal

good luck!

Thank you! It’ll take took weeks for a refund and then have to re-order. Eugh.

Just confirming. Got a new OP-1 today. None of these issues. Audio is clean. :slight_smile: