New op-1 field owner - I love my new DAW - couple questions

@Heyes knows what’s up, i second his mention of @rephazer, those sounds are really great. also, i really love sound ghost retro and float sound packs.


Right back at you, @djcuvcuv .

I’d advise every new buyer to read this thread asap. It’s a great summary of the many sources and resources you need/want on the op1f.


Thanks for the kind words and heads up guys!
Much appreciated


Just a thought, but when u lift long tracks, and especially if you lift more than 1 at a time, then it can take a while to copy them. If you turn the OP1F off whilst it’s doing this, you will lose the tracks. Not saying this is what happened to you, just bear in mind that lift/drop (copy and paste) isn’t as quick on the OP1F as in a regular DAW


Exactly what happened to me indeed.
Luckily, the track was still fresh and I was able to redo it instantly !

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I have a lot of latency in Logic . Is there something I should disable or enable in order to make it less noticeable?

It depends on lots of variables.
But it’s all gonna be on Logic’s side of things since the op1f is kind of plug and play.

First, I’d check the buffer size settings. You should be good with a medium setting - not too low and definitely not too high.
Then, I’d check the CPU/HD usage, just to make sure everything runs fine.

I’d check the way things are set-up, too.
If you use the op1f as your audio interface, that is.

You can try to swap USB-C cables, you can try turning everything on/off, you can try setting up everything in macOS through the Audio/MIDI app there.

Usually, the culprit for noticeable latency is somewhere in these options.
Let us know if you sort this out - might help others down the line!

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Would totally return and get a replacement! Your going to LOVE IT!

Turning on and off seemed to do the trick)

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Exchanging was the best idea :wink:

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