New Op-1 unsure of device i got

Hello all!

new OP-1 user here. really excited about this little machine, loving it so far. I was hoping someone could help me figure out if the Op1 I got is the latest model.

I bought a new one online from a German reseller, and when it arrived it had a faulty button so I had to return it. The new one they sent me had a worst screen, everything works fine but I can tell the screen is definitely not as sharp as the last one I had.

The model # says : TE002AS001 REV2.0 on the box - Serial starts with T9BLX… Any ideas? thanks for the help, and hope im not posting in the wrong place :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

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I can’t read this where I am but it should answer your question:

Recommendation is to update the firmware. If the screen is still dim go to TE I guess, I have no experience with their service. Good luck and enjoy