New OP-Z firmware update tomorrow (27 March 2020)

…with new Piano synth engine!

(from TE livestream/Tobias & Jonas)

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Cheers for posting - was on the livestream until it went down and was left hanging wondering what the new engine was going to be. Were there any details on the engine?

join the midnight operator thread so people in the near future can understand what’s going on. :sunglasses:

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I believe Jonas said a DX-100 style FM e-piano


Still holding out for drum synthesis on the Z. TE has the code on OP-1, so hopefully a port will be delivered. You would think with 16 (or more) controls via the dials, you could bake in something focused on percussion. The Division Department 01/IV has only 14 controls per voice, and you can wiggle the crap out of that thing for all kinds of sounds.


Get out of here, a new engine??
My quarantine just got even sweeter!

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The engine is already live and accessible via the app. Works like the organ engine with several sounds to dial through.

So don’t wait for a new FW to show up on the website!!!


the FW Update is online.

  • improved charging of completely depleted batteries

  • higher micro timing resolution for longer tracks

  • add dry mix setting to all fx plugs

  • dsp optimizations

  • fix issue with iOS rejecting usb connection after OP-Z had been connected to computer

  • fix issue where usb audio right channel would occasionally output 16 bit quality instead of 24

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How does it workes in detail?


Good question! These are the release notes. I’ve only really played with the sound engines for a few minutes at this point. I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice the piano sounds. The little sound demo on the TE site is good.

For each FX track you have a new setting (also visualised in the updated app).
It’s accessible like this:
Chose an FX track.
Hold track.
Turn the red dial.

You can now control, how much „dry“ signal (not affected by the effect) can be heard through the „wet“ signal.
If you turn the dial all the way to the left, you only hear the wet signal. If you turn it further, the dry signal ist added more and more.

It can help make the bitcrusher more musical for example, because it doesn’t necessarily destroy the whole signal. But it can be really useful for each effect. You get more control over the sound design.


@tngjonas indeed a very nice sound demo of the new piano engine. Is it maybe possible to share the op-z project for learning purposes?

  • higher micro timing resolution for longer tracks… Ready to test this out!!! Hopefully nudging notes moves in smaller increments while leaving chords intact. “Exploded step view” or just page toggles would be the end goal to allow 64 steps full resolution, but this helps move the dial.
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such an underrated Update! that spirit tho! much love

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Made a vid of the new Electric Piano if anyone’s interested… Played as an arpeggio, with step modulation, and then messed around with the effects and main EP mods