New OP1 - Power issue


You accidentally “downdated” it. See here:

New op-1s ship with v220, which is a newer version than what TE current has on their website. v220’s bootloader isn’t backwards compatible, which is why your op doesn’t boot successfully into the older FW.

There are numerous threads here discussing the issue, and there are links to the v220 FM that you can find there to get your op back in action. Or you can email TE & they will send you v220.

~~~~~ A rant from a SW engineer & customer’s perspective ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IMO TE have really F’ed this up. Firstly, if the bootloader isn’t compatible with earlier FW, then the only sane, responsible thing to do is have it check the version before updating, and prevent loading earlier FW.

Secondly, as is obvious given the many people who’ve been affected by this, selling new devices with FW that isn’t available on their website is “not good”. Everyone has become accustomed to downloading & installing the “latest” SW/FW/Update for any device or app they buy. Normally this isn’t a problem, in fact it’s a good thing. TE’s mistakes this time have created a very user-hostile situation.

Weeks after this problem came to light, TE still haven’t updated their website with v220, or to at least warn users not to install the older version. People have speculated that there’s been some HW change in new op-1s that required a FW change, but that v220 is perhaps not compatible with older op-1s, which might be why TE haven’t put it on their website.