New Synth Engines/FX and the OP-1

I am in love with the new synth engines and fx for the OP-Z. Do you think it is a realistic hope that they may bring these to the OP-1? Are they still developing on the OP-1?

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Just sample them!

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I mainly want the new reverb on the OP-1. That would be a game changer.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath. Although, I agree that a different (cleaner) reverb would be a game changer for OP-1. Once mastered, OP-1 is a very capable machine for making ambient tracks, but its reverb limits it in that regard. Connecting it to BigSky make such a huge difference. And I’m not even talking about any of the “fancy” algorithms.

I’m still hoping for more bug fixes, though. That String click is super annoying.

to avoid the clicking you can adjust the Attack on the envelope page. easy fix :sweat_smile:

The clicks I’m talking about have nothing to do with envelopes. They are glitches triggered by playing more than one String note in certain scenarios. You can have super-long attack, but the moment you press the second key, OP-1 will still make a loud clicking/popping sound. They aren’t even recorded to Tape, so it’s 100% a bug somewhere.


It’s good to know they’re not recorded to tape, though. Didn’t realize that.