New to too fun....feature request Or is there any alternative?

2 things are keeping the OP1 from being fully immersive for me…no EQ pre-recording and no bouncing an ‘album’ back to ‘tape’ .

(The ear trick doesn’t capture eq or effects (right?) and without those the 4 tracks + overdubbing is ok/fun challenge )

But the 4 tracks is … getting frustrating! The problem is it’s so inspirTionL
(Or inspirational) i want to add more layers and more and more!!! and keep playing on top of that…And once i start doing that it can get muddy fast… or i start thinking about pulling out another multitrack recording device…

Overall, i’m amazed by this device! Great job on the UI and ease of use. As a portable, long lasting, enjoyable to use synth, i’m happy!

If i could eq synths 1st and also transfer the master album mix back to one track, i could spend ages all in the op1…i’d like to run down the battery. :wink:

Is there something else that multitrack records, with a wonderful screen(that doesn’t need to be looked at much :slight_smile: ) , streamlined workflow, portability ? (2 op1s seems extravagant ;))

Thanks for any suggestions!

Side note: i find most gear leads me to tend to make certain styles over others…The op1 used by itself seems to encourage me to make 80s horror soundtracks and 90s scifi - not that it sounds retro or old, it’s just a feeling…

just bounce tracks with master eq after recording. bouncing is a key feature for eqing and adding effects.

as to album and track bouncing stuff…the op1 works very well with drag and drop back and forward with your computer daw. that opens up lots and lots of options for eqing effects, re-importing album to tape. etc.

to avoid muddiness with overdubbing…avoid using the spring reverb and when using delay, keep the delay time the same.

for portable multi-trackers, you want one that has midi synch (or at least i would want that). all the small tascams lack midi. but the new blue box from 1010 music looks like it might be what you are after. but i reckon the the gain vs hassle isn’t worth it.


Hi squiddly. So can you drag and drop album side A to the track folder and just rename it to track 1, for example?

Album files are stereo, tape files are mono. You could use an audio editor to split the channels. But I prefer bouncing between tape tracks using the ear input.