New user question: clicks and pops on sample chops aka tips and tricks for those nasty clicks :)

Hi! First time poster, just joined the op-1 multiverse.

So I got my op-1 for a week now and I love it.

But I sample a lot, and I can’t seem to avoid the pops and clicks when playing my chops. I minimize the harshness as much as possible by micro-adjusting the start and end using shift. But when I play them as non-oneshots but instead on holding down, the cutoffs are brutal. And there seems to be no way of adjusting attack and decay on the drum sampler…

Is there a way to get a better result? I tried to fiddle around with page two of the drum sampler options, even read a whole post about how it works, but it still makes no sense to me, at least not on a non drum type of sample.

I’m new too but from what I’ve seen, the sampler unfortunately is missing a very much-needed fade in/out functionality.

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