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I picked up an OP-1 last week and love it. Its so addictive, immediate, fun and good looking (it was like taking a puppy to the coffee shop yesterday, lots of nice comments). I have been going through the video tutorials and reading bits of the manual and have a couple of questions (if anyone can help?)

Firstly - The finger drum mode is great. But is there a micro timing feature in the OP-1, so that i could nudge random claps a few miliseconds/stops ahead of the snare which its layered over? I guess i could do this in manual mode (as theres no quantizing) but just wondered

Is there also a way in Finger mode to see what notes you have entered (instead of just x x x x)?

Any ipad users? Can sounds be bounced back and forth from the OP to Ipad? If so, any programs recommended to convert to the correct OP format on the Ipad?

Also, whilst still talking about the Finger mode, can sounds be solo’d? So that i can track individual kick snares hats etc individually to DAW?

Finally, can multiple sequence modes be used on different tracks at the same time? Like a finger drum on track one for drums, track 2 would have infinity sequence mode for some chords etc… Or would i need to bounce one onto tape and then go onto the next? I like the freedom of changing stuff before committing to tape.


You can use 2 Finger sequences in the same time in JOIN mode with, well, two of your fingers :slight_smile:

The second sequence one won’t be quantized over the first one (I don’t even think it CAN).
So you would get the feature your looking for by programming two different Finger sequences and play the second one a tiny bit after the first one.

BTW I love playing a Finger sequence against another one, it’s much fun.

No way to see the notes you’ve entered, unfortunately. Lots of things in OP-1 are a bit like “you don’t come back on your performance” :smiley:
Like you need practice to get good results, but in the same time you go forward without looking back and keep going further towards the creation of a track.

No real solo mode I fear, but you can get close by selecting the one sound you’d like to mute, and shift+red knob it to decrease it’s volume.
Usually, you would just use the Nitro filter to Solo a part of the frequencies.

You cannot use 2 different sequencer at the same time.
But you can bounce one on Tape, then the other on another track, and retry until you’re OK with the result.
As I said, this “don’t look back” attitude with the OP-1 has both good and bad side effects. You eventually get used to it. Or you move to something else (Elektron ?) with some regrets.

Thanks for the info. The questions i had are definitely not deal brakers with the OP1 - just getting a feel for how it operates and gear my thinking into working around its supposed limitations (instead of getting fraustrated). Every sampler has limitations (hell Im using an Akai MPC 60). I did have an Octatrack prior so learning the OP1 definitely feels like a breeze compared to that! I love the gritty digital sound of it.

You could try Grid or another sequencer with swing - after the finger recording.Or even finger ,with swing ,afterwards, to get that shifted note recorded.

You can also delay the claps by changing them in the sampler, just let them start a bit later. Maybe that can help.

You can also delay the claps by changing them in the sampler, just let them start a bit later. Maybe that can help.

Oh right, the good old trick of adding a little silence BEFORE the sound, so that it gets delayed…

Nice one @mixrasta :wink:

And btw, @jonesy_op (would you be j0n35y @ Elektronauts ?) : welcome in this happy place !!!