New Year, New ....?


So, 2016 has begun. What are you goals or resolutions or both for the year ahead?

The year of acquisition was 2015 and the year to make music is 2016 (although I bought a Boss RE-20 today) but, I have a dilemma. I am not sure exactly how to achieve the final product that I have in my head. Can anyone help?

I have started by creating my own warped and twisted sample of sounds for a sound library. I have Ableton Live 9.5 and a whole heap of plugins and outboard equipment and what I’d like to do is play live and loop my pre-made samples on the fly. Ive found two artists to give you an idea of the act I’m shooting for. One is an awesome entity that goes by the name of Yongr - - and the other artist is a duo called Minilogue (they have three awesome vids in collaboration with Ableton on YouTube talking about there setup, doing a show, and one is a short and stellar documentary that all take place in the beautiful countryside of Sweden (I think, sorry if I’m wrong) is the link for the doc.

Youngr plays a loop in live on one instrument and moves onto the next. Minilogue play some stuff live and launch clips in Ableton.
Ableton is largely new to me but I guess I’d have to use looper?
Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can do this? I’m guessing I use looper and to trigger midi clips from whatever sample I feel like using from my sample bank? I’m new to Ableton but I’ve been using Logic for over a decade so I hope I’d be able to grasp what j need to do. I’d like to use both live loops and pre-recorded samples.

I have no idea how to do this exactly but my wish for this year is to be able to jam with loops, tweek them live, spit some snappy quick-fire rap vocals and smile in and around 130 - 140 bpm based Grime.

I’m all ears and ready to learn if anybody can help.

I look forward to hearing about your goals: short or long, let’s have 'em on :slight_smile:

Finally cracked a workflow that I am happy with!
Now, all I’ve got to do is practice.

As well as the above I also want to carry on mixing and mastering for other people. I completed my second mix down for somebody. It was free and it was fun! There are free files to practice mix downs but I like the excitement and anticipation of real life projects.

If anybody wants any free mixing or mastering done then please inbox me :wink:

Now, what’s everyone’s plans, goals, or resolutions?? I’d love to know!

Planning on making a lot more performance videos with different combos of gear. Already have one finished that I will drop this week. I have a feeling this NAMM is going to be really bad for GAS. Like lots of sweet new gear. Def will keep mixing and mastering on the side. Did this one last year.
Have two albums all ready for release in the the first half of 2016. Late 2016 I plan on trying some really different stuff musically and expanding my horizons.

GAS deffo needs control . (leave the circuit and volca sample combo for a while).
I intend to do less other things and do more music.The OP1 has enough workflow on its own to keep me busy.

Big need is to convert tunes to sound cloud,then I can share.Maybe take up @HisMostDarxxxellent up on your offer.
HaPpy NEw YeAr OhPee Posse !!

I think this year is about taking a very deep breath and actually putting my music into the world. I’ve got the majority of an EP down over the holiday season so very soon I’ll have run out of excuses not to put it on the internet in some form or other.

Anyways, happy new year to everyone, looking forward to hearing all of your musical creations in 2016, I hope we can all survive the oncoming onslaught of new gear that is NAMM…

Very excited as this Friday I’m going to jam with a local dude who owns a recording studio close to where I live. I’m a drummer and he is an analogue synth freak.
What I’m mostly happy about is to explore live playing again as I’ve been messing with loops for the last I don’t know how many years. Going to buy a pair of 5B drumsticks at lunch, been so many years!
Who knows what this will lead to.

Happy new year and happy new GAS to come everyone!!

Cool thing, @lefilou !

Don’t forget to bring some synth, as a machine jam is so much fun as well : I also met a musician in my town and I am so thrilled to be able to improvise now again :slight_smile:

Have all a very cool year, full of joy, discoveries, and love !
And, of course, of creation.

Creation, Collaboration and Fun !

Love reading through these so far!

I look forward to watching you all grow and growing with you.

I’m going to check in next year and see if we became our ideas :wink:

This year has flown by! So far it looks like I’m going to end up with a nice and comfy set up, computerless and Octatracked that is ready for some live looping like Youngr in my op. I didn’t think I would have a large keyboard as a master controller due to space restrictions but I do and I wouldn’t change it! I’m still watching Youngr vids with awe. I’m no longer mixing or mastering for other people and I’m happy with that for now.

How are you guys getting on?

How about noobies? What has your year produced so far?

I managed one track on sound cloud for one battle lol.
Did land an unexpected OT me self though,too.
I recon (hope) the update’ll be ready for NAMM .

I’ve had a few tracks played on NTS radio just with the OP1 this year. Sold basically all my gear (MPC, nord electro, space echo) and just using the OP1 (which is enough). But I do miss the space echo so planning on getting the TE01 space case.